Advanced Search Capabilities

Sifting through your call data just got a whole lot easier.

Whether you’re concerned with compliance, sales effectiveness, or customer experience, our cloud-based solution makes it easy to sort through hundreds of thousands of calls to find the data that really matters.

  • Quickly search by key words and phrases
  • Build customized keyword lists in literally minutes
  • Boolean search capabilities for more advanced queries
  • Numerous filters, including office, skill, agent, date range, sentiment, call duration, and more
  • Ability to easily add custom queries based on your actual metadata
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Call Review and Analysis

An easy-to-navigate call review interface.

Our industry-leading interface works on any device or screen size as well as all web-standard browsers.

  • Easy to retrieve and review any recorded call
  • Speed up or slow down audio during review
  • Skip through call to each key word/phrase
  • Search other words/lists within the call review screen
  • Add tags within the call for additional search capability
  • Ability to score calls within the same page view
  • Each call readily displays key words, agent, skill, talk time, silent time, sentiment, date/time, and more
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Customized Daily Notifications

Stay up-to-the-minute on your agents' performance.

Our custom notifications allow you to receive important information about your call recordings when they matter most. Never miss a chance to improve customer satisfaction. SpeechIQ notifications can be set up to go to directly to your email or you can log in to our cloud-based application and see all the notifications you have set in one easy location.

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Sentiment Analytics

Track the sentiment of your customers and your agents.

SpeechIQ combines the power of IBM's Watson to assign a sentiment score to every one of your calls. Perfect to use as a search filter or to identify coaching opportunities and best practices.

  • Evaluate customer sentiment by agent, salesperson, skill, or office over any period of time
  • Leverage best practices from top agents
  • Identify coaching opportunities
  • Easily compare agent and customer sentiment scores
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Customizable scorecards

Simplefied Quality Management.

Our flexible scorecards fit nearly every business need. They are easy to set up and can accommodate nearly any type of scoring.

Our powerful, but easy-to-use automated scorecard capability enables you to score every call based on key words and phrases. It’s a great way to keep an eye on ALL your calls – not just a handful each day.

  • Create multiple scorecards to address every skill
  • Ability to add personalized comments to each question
  • Enable agents to review scored calls and comments while listening to the call
  • View the history of who has opened/reviewed the call
  • Ability to search scored calls by scorecard, reviewer, or outcome
  • Reports display results by scorecard, agent, skill and more
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Reporting Capabilities

Easy-to-generate reports that track key activity.

Get a better understanding of the performance of your company. SpeechIQ offers multiple ways to graphically understand your data. Sort, filter, download and export your data to whatever format best fits your needs.

  • Virtually every data point is available for reporting
  • Data can be filtered in multiple ways
  • Data is exportable to use in other formats
  • Reports are downloadable for quick and easy presentations
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Unlock the vast amount of data within all your call recordings

An AI-driven speech analytics and quality assurance platform

SpeechIQ® is an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to drive agent productivity, operations efficiency and improved customer engagement.

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UCToday catches up with Nick Bandy, CEO of speechIQ.

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Three Easy steps to powerful performance insights.

Upload to our secure SFTP

Upload your calls to our secure FTP site. In many cases, we can receive your calls automatically. We accept calls from nearly any recording platform.

SpeechIQ analyzes your call data

Our powerful speech recognition engine transcribes 100% of your calls with exceptional accuracy and speed. Your calls are now ready to search, explore, score and more.

Gather Insights

SpeechIQ provides several out-of-the-box reports that can help you quickly determine opportunities and pain points in your call center. It’s also easy to extract the data you need to create your own reports.


Fast. Powerful. Accurate.

SpeechIQ® makes it easy to analyze recorded calls for compliance, quality assurance, sales effectiveness and more.

  • Secure, cloud-based platform
  • Proprietary automated speech recognition engine
  • Automated sensitive data redaction
  • Quick, easy integration

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The perfect platform to help improve operations, customer experience and more.

From financial services to healthcare, from retail to travel & tourism, SpeechIQ is suited to help virtually any business. Through an exceptionally easy to navigate interface, it’s easier than ever to analyze calls for compliance, script adherence, sales effectiveness, and more.

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